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Clipping Path Assist– An Offshore Clipping Path, Photo Background Removal, Photo Retouching, Image Post Production, and Webshop Image Ready Service Provider company. We are specialized in any kind of photo editing task

High-Quality Clipping Path and Image Editing Service for Ecommerce Business

CPA work with some world’s most well-known e-commerce companies. High-quality image editing service with clipping path and photo retouching service increases brand value and encourages customers to buy products.

Our expert photo editing team cared for images with special treatment and ready images with final optimization. Our company can help you to boost your brand and sales. We can ready your product shot or another type of image for e-commerce business. We know how the image is edited properly and how people want to show their product online.

Why Clipping Path Assist?

Clipping path assist has 120 professional photoshop experts ready to fulfill your needs. Most of them graduated from the Graphics Art Institute. They are professionals in clipping path and photo retouching services.

That is why we can deliver world-class photo editing work. We are always appreciated by our valuable clients and friendly customer support. Besides, our clients take some extra benefits from us in photo editing. Let’s start with us and be a partner.

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About Clipping Path Assist

Clipping Path Assist (CPA) Is a professional photo editing and outsourcing graphics design company located in southwest Asia. With more than 150+skilled photo manipulation artists and professional retouches, we work in 3 different shifts,24 hours a day and six days a week. Our goal is to meet the client’s requirements with our designing talent, and we have an extensive collection of adobe photoshop provided by adobe creative suite. Our service ranges from clipping to expert designing for attractive visual products gives you excellent photoshop service.

Clipping path assist has been provided with all sorts of photo editing and post-processing service. We have a highly skilled team who can meet the specific requirements of our clients professionally. We are fully capable of providing all kinds of photo editing and image processing across the globe. Our service offering includes Clipping path, cut out images, deep etching service, silo path, multipath, background removal service, unwanted object removal, photoshop image masking, photo touch up, retouching, drop shadow service, color variants service, ghost mannequin service, joint neck service, image manipulation service, e-shop image editing service, e-commerce image editing service, wedding photo retouching service, advertisement design, and all other creative design and image processing with product-related service and more.

Your Benefits

100% Quality commitment

Clipping Path Assist Promise to deliver excellent quality service that clients want. As a company, we assure the final quality and most satisfactory services at the most reasonable price. To get the best photo editing help from us, visit our pricing list and find your best service at the best price. Just drop us a line, and we will be happy to value our customers.

Comfortable price

Get good service with the proper pricing. Clipping path assist offers a heavy discount for bulk photo editing services and other services. We also offer you a free trial to access our skills and give us a chance to fulfill customer requirements. We are ready to process your photo.

Express Service

Clipping path assist designers are dedicated to their works and comfortable delivering the result as fast as possible. We can finish your image editing task in a short period. Quick turnaround and express delivery depend on the image complexity of the work.

24×7 Live Support

Our support team is always ready to service you 24*7 live support system to make business easy and comfortable. For any questions, we are prepared to assist you and solve them quickly. For any photo editing help, please feel free to contact us. Type our live chat option and send us a message. We will respond to you instantly and answer your question.

Dedicated Service

Whether your image is complex or straightforward, we assure you to work on your project with proper standing and intentness. We believe that satisfaction and 100% quality guarantee make our complete effort and commitments in photo editing service.


Try our FREE SERVICE  for up to 2  images to check the quality of our work and the level of service we provide or get a quote instead.



Clipping path, Deep etches, or Silo path is a method of photo editing technique. It creates a path around the image’s subject using photoshop pen tools to remove the background from an image.

  • Clipping Path
  • Cut Out image
  • Deep Etching
  • Silo Path
  • Multipath
Background removal service also named as cut out images from any photo. Many people have known it as a removed background image. Background removal service gives top service and makes image background white, color, transparent
  • Remove Background
  • Background Removal Service
  • Photo Background Removal
  • Cut Out Object
  • Object Removal
Best photo retouching freelance services online.Outsource your photo retouching project and get it done quickly and delivered remotely online
  • Retouching
  • Photo Touch Up
  • Model Retouching
  • Product Retouching
  • Jewelry Photo Retouching
Image Masking Service means removing the background from the image becomes easy when the edges are crystal clear. Professional team that has shown you better performance in the image masking sector.
  • Photo Masking Service
  • Alpha Masking
  • Channel Masking
  • Translucent Masking
  • Layer Masking
Shadow Creation Service is the only choice for your clients by making them stunned and making them believe in your products by the photos. Photoshop shadow makes your image looking natural.
  • Shadow Creation Service
  • Drop Shadow
  • Original Shadow
  • Mirror Effect
  • Cast Shadow
Ghost Mannequin Services or Neck Joint Services allow you to take several images of a product on a model or mannequin and then add the photographs to delete. Ghostmannequin service is mainly used in apparels sectors based on products clothing photos.
  • Neck-Joint Service
  • Image Manipulation
  • Mannequin Remove
  • Photo Composition
  • Collage Making

Color Correction Services is the process of changing the color or adding color to a digital image. Clipping path assists offer the best color correction service here. Color adjustment or color grading can modify, change, or enhance the Photo’s color as you like best.

  • Photo Recolor
  • Color Grading
  • Color Changing
  • Color Adjustment
  • Change Variants

. Get ecommerce product photo editing at a competitive price. Our on-demand services include photo retouching, color correction, clipping path, Background removal, shadow adding, ghost mannequin service, etc.


  • Image manipulation
  • Sunglass Photo Editing
  • Shoe Photo Editing
  • Product Photo Editing
  • Web-shop Image Ready
Image resizing service or photo cropping services is a process of altering the size of your image, especially for online product images. To maintain the correct measurement for every website, you need to resize the Photo.
  • Cropping
  • Size Adjustment
  • Image Optimization
  • Correct Measurement
  • Fix The Balance

Attract More Customer with Our Quality Clipping Path Service

With expert clipping path skills, our team gives more time to your photography and enters into a deeper position to remove the flaws and blemishes. That means removing the flaws and blemishes will make your image look crisper and precise, with a professional look.

No matter how complicated your photos are and how many images you have total to edit, our clipping path experts know precisely how to draw the path manually using photoshop pen tools. Generally, clipping path services remove unwanted elements and make minor tweaks to achieve perfect images. We ensure the clients get the exact quality in your photography business that you desire. 


Major Services We Offer Besides Clipping Path

Background removal

Background removal is an important and necessary service part of clipping paths or a photo editing service. Background removal service allows a product to isolate an object from a messy background and replace it with white background.

Because with white background, you can focus more on your product photo and make an image look professional in front of your customer; whether you sell books, jewelry, furniture, machinery, magazine, and other product online, then photo background removal service must need you.

We offer world-class professional photo background removal service with a quick turnaround time and 100% quality assurance at Clipping Path Assist.

Image Retouching

Image retouching service is one of the common applications of clipping path service companies—it’s needed by every eCommerce business owner, photographer, and retailer. Photo retouching service is popular among well-known e-commerce business owners and Amazon, eBay, and Walmart owners. They require a high-end photo editing service for their product or model photos.

Photo retouching services help companies attract more customers, create a positive impression and build their brand. Ans especially thanks to clipping path, because you can do photo retouching with a simple step and make the image stunning. If you have your own photography business, then Clipping path assist offers you a professional photo retouching service that is exactly what you need.

Drop Shadow

Drop shadow service help to visible an image and comes with a natural look. When you get an image with a white background and drop shadow, then see that this image looks more awesome than before. A customer always wants to see their product on a white background and professional look. If you do not show your different product look in this competitive environment, the customer is not impressed with it and decreases your sales.

You can create a drop shadow under the product so that your image appears to float on the surface and look more natural and realistic.

Color Correction

Color adjustment or color correction service makes your same image in two different colors. Suppose you have one photo for post and you want to see the product on different variants look. This time color correction service allows you to make images in two different colors using the Color correction service.

Using the clipping path tool, you can represent your brand value with the right color. Clipping path service allows color correction service by drawing a path around the image make changes as needed, whether you are changing the color of the entire image or just a portion of it. You can alter the color as you need or meet your requirements. Without any doubt, color correction is the most famous service in the photo editing service department.

Image masking

Image masking service is one of the important aspects of our photo editing service. Are you struggle with your image for more curves or intricate edges and lines? No worry from today. Here is an image masking service ready to edit your image perfectly and ready to post.

Using an image masking service, you can change the photo background color and remove portions or curves from an image. Our experts are well trained in image masking service while preserving the images’ true colors and beauty.

E-commerce image editing

In eCommerce industries, you need to refine your image for more sales. It’s pointless to upload your photo without eye-catching and take more space on your website. At Clipping path assist, we walk you through every step of the process, editing perfectly and bringing them to live online.

We understand the value of an image online. So, we take care, especially following the advanced processes as images look real and allow customers to feel the product in their own homes’ e-commerce image editing service also allows images to bring a natural look and proper optimization.

Jewelry Image Editing

Jewelry image editing service presents jewelry photography with a special look. Jewelry image editing services remove unwanted reflection, smudges, poor lighting, etc. Our jewelry photo editing department can help you create images that shine, sparkle and are eye-catching. The right way to display your jewelry image can break the jewelry business.

Our jewelry photo editing department covers you up if you have any mistakes with jewelry photos. They care about jewelry photos and right the tone as you can display your photo for your own business or clients. Turn your photo into stunning images, increasing sales and expanding your brand.

Check Out Our Prices for Image Editing Service

We offer affordable prices options with bulk discount for professional photo editing and photo retouching service. Choose the one that meets your demands perfectly. In case you are looking for best photo editing company, or want a quote from us for any sort of customization, feel free to send us a text through our Free trial form.

Clipping Path

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Basic Clipping Path starts at $0.39

Medium Clipping Path starts at $0.49

Complex Clipping Path starts at $0.99

Image Masking

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Basic Image Masking starts at $0.59

Medium Image Masking starts at $0.89

Complex Image Masking starts at $ 1

Photo Retouching

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Basic Photo Retouching starts at $0.79

Medium Photo Retouching starts at $ 1

Complex Photo Retouching starts at $1.49



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    Why Clipping Path Assist?

    Do you need a photoshop service provider for collaborating with your post-production? To get Photoshop solutions for your images, you can’t find any better choice than clipping path assist. We offer handmade clipping path service and any image editing services at very reasonable prices to make any project successful together in the image editing sector.

    We consistently control the quality and meet our client’s requirements whether they need it. Please send us any questions at and we are happy to get back to you as soon as possible.

    100% professional service

    Satisfaction Guarantee

    Fast Turnaround Time

    Money-back Guarantee

    Weekly/Monthly Payment system

    Handmade clipping

    Easy – Simple Ordering System

    Affordable Price

    Maintain tight deadline

    Support 24/7

    Product Photo Editing Service for eCommerce Business

    For the last 15+ years, we have served B2-B and B2C companies and individuals in any photo editing service.  Clipping path assist works with eCommerce marketplaces and leads photographers around the world.  CPP has been working with Amazon, eBay, FBA seller manufacturing companies and many others.

    However, we enjoy working with anyone with quality images.  Because CPP believe in working long term business relationship and growing together

    Create a professional eCommerce product photo and increase sales more and more.  We keep updating ourselves for listing products for online marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Etsy etc.

    How Clipping Paths Used for e-commerce

    You need to change the background, shadow making, image masking, image resizing service, and image retouching in an eCommerce platform.  A product photo on a white background looks realistic.  Where product photo background plays an important role, product photo background removal and shadow creation are important in eCommerce agencies.

                                         E-commerce Product Photo Editing

    Good-looking product photos contribute greatly to customers’ decision to buy a product.  But editing an image without guidelines may reduce your sales.  Your listing product is created following the terms and rules and may increase selling rates.

    If you are struggling to boost your sales on eCommerce marketplaces, you should follow the guideline and meet the requirements in record time.  Clipping path service is used to make the background pure white.  You can follow our service for your eCommerce product.

    Overnight Clipping Path Solution at Your Doorstep

    Clipping path assists provide high-quality clipping path service, and we are available worldwide. Our expert team can deliver overnight service as we have three different shifts with two branches. All image editing services are available at your doorstep because we provide cost-effective service and quick delivery methods. Our secure ordering process always safe your image from a third party. So, you can ensure your clipping path project with us. We understand the value of our client’s business objectives.

    Clipping Path Assist Offers

    Easy & Secured Payment Methods

    Security is one of the significant aspects of us, and we always maintain this. We offer secured and hassle-free payments methods through PayPal, and without this, you can make payment through Credit/ debit card, Bank transfer, Wire transfer, or Western union.

    Quality Ensured

    reatOur most priority is to deliver you 100% quality work, and we always focus on quality, not quantity. We care for every single image with a special moment and pass three steps of QC. Until our experts are not giving it with proper QC, we never deliver it to our customers.

    Secured image transfer

    CPA never accept copyright image without permission, and we never work on it. So that we will use our secure FTP (File Transfer Protocol) server to transfer or upload/download any image, we also use WeTransfer / Dropbox to share the file.

    Discount on Bulk Photo

    We have an offer that is cautiously running. It’s impressive for us to start a bulk project because we always offer bulk images. If you want us a bulk discount, then fill out the free trial form and send us two photos just for the test, and then we will discuss the bulk discount.

    Super-fast service

    We offer you rush service if you need any project 6-12 hours its possible to us to deliver the project right time. Sometimes it needs to pay you extra charge for going our super-fast delivery process.

    On Time Delivery

    Time is precious for us, and we know the value of our client’s time when we deliver any project. Our professional team gives their total effort to make the work done before the delivery time.

    Frequently Asked Questions for Clipping Path Service

    What are clipping path services?

    Clipping path service is a service that covers the subject using photoshop pen tools by art a vector shape. Clipping path service assists with dispersing a photo by eliminating background and keeping up the subject. Likewise, clipping path service using transparent background, white background and make change background. Besides this, clipping path is used in other services like color change, shadow making, etc.

    What are clipping paths used for?

    A clipping path is a vital service for background removal. It is used to remove background photos. The clipping path service is the best way to remove the background and smooth the edge for a decent final detail.

    An organization needs an image clipping path for their product photo to remove the background. Clipping path service is used for different purposes like background removal, color change, shadow making, etc. E-commerce companies need this service most for a destructing object from the subject.

    Which is the best tool to use for clipping path service?

    There are a good number of tools available in photoshop. Like quick mask tool, magic wand tool, magnetic tool, lasso tool and photoshop pen tool. Pen tools are most valuable for clipping path and image manipulation services among these tools. The pen tool is quite helpful for image background removal work. The pen tool makes a way that helps you to create a layout picture.

    How to choose the best clipping path service provider: where to look?

    Clipping path is an important part of the photo editing industry to choose the best clipping path service provider for your business. It would be best to consider several things when choosing the best clipping path service provider.

    For example, ask your friends or neighbour for a recommendation, look for a local clipping path provider, see their previous work experience, and look for local companies or agencies. Take a free trial to judge their quality etc.

    How do I use the clipping path?

    First, open photoshop. After that, open the image with photoshop. Select the pen tool from the toolbar and begin drawing around the item that should disengage. Whenever you have finished drawing the path around the image, go down the layer range and select the path board with its tab.

    Click on the triangle formed icon situated at the upper right corner of the board and afterward pick save path.

    Choose the clipping path from the similar down menu. Another dialogue box will show up with an assortment of clipping path settings. Ensure your way is chosen and afterward, click OK.

    Finally, save the image with a clipping path and go to the primary file menu. Please save it

    Why is clipping path important

    Clipping path service is an essential service for product photography. Not only for product photography but clipping path service is also needed for companies with online retail business and needs to remove background from an image.

    The entrepreneurs would like to focus on quality editing and happy their clients. Web specialists can ready photos with high-quality editing and customers’ attention with top-quality photo editing services.

    What is the difference between clipping path and photo masking?

    In most sectors, the contrast between clipping path and image masking service. Clipping path service allows this product whose product edge has no curves, holes, fur or hair. On the other hand, an image masking service can easily remove the background and fill up any gap, fur, and hair from this image.

    Clipping path service easily removes the background from a straight image, like a chair, table product photo, cosmetic photo, and so many others.

    What are clipping and masking?

    Clipping path is a procedure that gives a photo a more honed and natural look. It is an image editing process where you can delete background easily using this service. In addition, clipping path service assists photo eliminating undesirable articles and foundation.

    On the other hand, an image masking service allows an image with a layer mask and removes the uncovering concealing of a few sections. Therefore, if you want a photo with full details for a hair or fur image, you must follow the image masking process.

    What is a Photoshop Clipping Mask?

    Clipping mask in photoshop is a fantastic method for image editing services. In that sense, clipping masks are added layers. When any product needs a clipping mask with a layer mask, then this service is helpful for you. A layer mask utilizes high contrast to show in various pieces of the layer. This service uses the straightforwardness of one layer to control the visibility.

    What is Photo Masking?

    Photo masking is an excellent method for uncovering a few sections; for outstanding quality with hair or portion, image masking service comes with a good result. It eliminates the object from the subject and makes the image perfect for social media or websites.

    By applying an image masking service, one can easily control image by layer. You can change it next time if you need any further corrections.

    What Our Client Say

    • Clipping Path Service
      This is a perfect service for me! I sent in five images that needed to have the background removed/retouch and these guys did an excellent job. I received the images within an hour. Thank you. Recommended
      Olivie Berger
      Creative Director, Olvie Photography, UK, London
    • Clipping Path Service
      I have an online Jeweler Store and Clipping path assist always helps me with the images that are used in local online, advertisements, and on my own website. Team CPA is always given me the best as they can edit for my business.
      Marcia S Dugan
      French photography Company
    • Clipping Path Service
      For my eCommerce business, I have used the Clipping path assist service. The images were beautifully processed and delivered on time. I wish almost success Team CPA.
      Christina Busch
      eCommerce, Headshot or portrait photography, USA
    • Clipping Path Service
      At present, We worked with 2 other companies past, & no one has offered the personal service that Clipping path assists.
      Robert Springer
      Fortune Photography, Netherlands
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