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Ghost Mannequin ServiceGhost Mannequin Service
Ghost Mannequin ServiceGhost Mannequin Service
Ghost Mannequin ServiceGhost Mannequin Service
Ghost Mannequin ServiceGhost Mannequin Service


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Ghost Mannequin Service

The present technologies photographers extended our minds also broaden our marketplace. We know that ghost mannequin service or Neck-joint service is generally known as invisible mannequin services. It cuts 2D or 3D Shapes in various garments products.

Before cutting out the cloth from the dummy’s body, we must remember which body the fabric was perfect, and we need to cut out as such. For the perfection of our Neck joint services, our client sends us an image with worn dress added mannequin, then we edit the latest image by Photoshop with an expert designer and remove the dummy.

Mainly ghost mannequin service is a process of cutting out the cloth from the mannequin’s body and joints it with another part which is matching for that. Before sending you your image with the proper shape, we highly recommend you with a transparent background or send you the necessary background.

How to Add or Remove Mannequin to Your Image?

To add an image mannequin or invisible mannequin, you need a photo of a cloth with the dummy and one without a mannequin by using a clipping path. When taking the image without a dummy, then you must need this type of image. This image inside is visible.

Next, put the two images Neck together. You can do this by clipping path. We do not manipulate all mannequins because some products such as pants, watches, and hats are edited natural volume and texture.

Clothing and accessories are mainly shown in the mannequin look more natural and wearing in real life. Instead, we combine the image mannequin with other services like a shadow, color correction to bring the shining and brightness of images.

Type of Ghost Mannequin Service

Based on the ghost mannequin service, there are four different categories, and each part of this sector needs to add a neck or remove the mannequin from the dummy. The reason for dividing types is not to remove the dummy. It gets unfair change for our clients most of the time to erase a full body mannequin and sometimes need to erase a few parts of it.

Neck joint service

Dummy removing service starting from here. Selecting the neck part and erasing the dummy after filling up the gap by bringing that portion from another image.

Image retouching service can help your clothing products extend neck area like shirts, tops, jackets, blazers, etc. Most of the time, famous clothing brands like Hermes, Ralph, Chanel, Prada, Lauren, Burberry, House of Versace, and many more are the best candidates for this service. CPA guarantees the best ghost mannequin service and offers the best price possible to its clients.

Bottom joint service

Sometimes clothing products have long-tail or backside. It needed to be cut out from the dummy when post-processing by experts. Remove the dummy from the cloth. The neck-joint service editor attached the bottom part with the central part, which you cut out from the back portion at the same products. So that expert is needed two-part of images like the back part and front part. That is one with the mannequin, and another is the back part. Our expert ensures accurate photo cut out and attaching back part with the front part in bottom joint service.

Sleeve joint service

Sleeve joint service needs for those products like as suits, a jacket which has a long sleeve. When experts cut the dummy from the coat, they have some empty sleeves behind the sleeve part. This gap in the inner portion may affect your products, and without jointing the sleeve part, it looks ugly or meaningless.

The experts add the sleeve part by cut out from a full image sleeve. This service requires more concentration when you add the missing piece. You have to remember that customer never understands that this sleeve part was already added. So, you need to add some shadow on the editing area.

How Invisible Mannequin Helps Online Clothing Business?

Online clothing business depends on how to show your image on an online store because every moment has changed the customer taste. For clothing, business style does matter, and fashion changes every time. Invisible mannequin perfectly shoots the customer’s preference to work with clothing business with latest trends and technology.

Ghost mannequin service increases customer viewing experience providing a future-like design to the image by deleting the dummy from clothing products. Our professional photography was editing professional teamwork honesty and dignity to give the premium image manipulation service.

 When Needs Ghost Mannequin Service

>To show your products, apparel, and accessories your customer

>If you need to cut the dummy from apparel

>When you need to show your product 360-degree view

>If you want to show your product level, which is inside your product.

When Need Not Use Ghost Mannequin Service?

>If you want to show your product only wearing position

>if you advertise your product live model.

>When you display your showroom, then need not the mannequin.

Mainly image mannequin needs your website, and live dummy needs to put your product into context for consumers.

Clipping Path Assist-Your Photo Mannequin Service Partner

We have the ability to receive any format image and the capability also sends you your required formats. We can edit 1000+ image mannequins per day. You can send the different forms.

That can be TIFF, JPEG, PSD, PNG, RAW, PSD, GIF, and we send your images in your required format. Expertise is high in our company because our trainee graphics designer is experts in formatting your image and sending you without any query. They are well versed in lighting, printing, and color combination.

How to Image Manipulation Service We Performed You

Our professional experience with neck joint or image manipulation services. Firstly, we received your photo carefully.

Then we are clipping path with a perfect hand because there is an image background, and you need to remove anyway this unnecessary fact by using a background removal service.

When a photographer takes a shot from different angles, there are some obstructs, and it should remove by image clipping path, so at first, the first step is to remove the mannequin from the products.

After clipping path, we can easily remove the dummy from the image. After remove we can use the filter by using the image mask, so the edges of the image are smooth.

It can help us to make effects on a good and fresh look. To make your image a mannequin, we must follow this process because your image edge isn’t smooth or perfect for neck-joint unless you did not use a filter.

An expert apparel photo editor uses this step without a mannequin image, cuts the neck part, and adds the neck to the filtered image. Fix the error and attach the filter part properly. We go to the next step to do other parts of the advanced level.

In the final steps of this part, we make a shadow in the neck part or collar portion. It is so important to step to take the effects. It is beneficial to come into view with an image 3D view. The shadow beneath the collar area keeps the neck triangle between the shoulders.

Finally, we have done the mannequin by using a simple retouching with review work carefully. Finishing retouching will revolution the image work. We hand over this image in QC for delivery to check the opacity angels and shadow and replace the final image. We make sure the visor is appropriately and shown only the visible part of the product. Finally, we adjust the light for each photo portion and ensure that the whole photo.

We assure you that we deliver high-quality images with a transparent background, and you can use that image on any e-commerce web-based website. With a different product, we will offer you diverse and also provide bulk photos.

Our company promises you to serve the best neck joint services with satisfaction. CPA is a vast online-based company that provides you with the best image manipulation services with 100% customer satisfaction. It focuses on a better solution for your neck-joint services.

If you have an image for neck-joint, don’t be late to contact us. We are ready to hear you.

Benefits of Ghost Mannequin Service

Clothing photographers get panic sometimes with their post-processing images. Editing clothing photo not just erase background or retouching it slightly. Instead, it needs to fill the gap by cutting out other products. Liquify the effects to get the perfect alignments. Every bit of processing requires professional skills and experience.

Apparel photographer finds challenging to cope with photography and processing. Sometimes they have taken tabletop photography and sometimes flat photography. But for clothing photography, flat photography didn’t work well. Clothing photography has got a new age touch because of the invisible mannequin service. That will help to match the rhythm of the era.

Consider Us The Best Image Manipulation Service Provider

Providing an eye-catching mannequin removal service, post-production companies have many capabilities to deliver quality products. Previous experience and all advanced features like on-time delivery, negotiable price, emergency support, image safety, and others need a post-production company.

With over 100+ highly experienced people at clipping path, offering the clients best support with updated photo editing services like clipping path, background removal service, photo retouching, ghost mannequin service, and so many services related to photoshop.

From meeting the delivery time and providing a reasonable price, we always offer 24/7 support. CPA never lets down its client’s desire and expectation

When Need to Use Photo Manipulation Service?

  • To give your product 3D looking
  • To provide a natural effect on product photography
  • To avoid the hassle of models
  •  Improve viewing the consumer
  • Reduce production costing

When Not Use Photo Manipulation Service

  • If your clients want to see the products directly
  • To advertise the products in real-life use.

Ghost Mannequin Service at Clipping Path Assist

When a photographer takes a shoot of his product image or apparel, it’s not the transparent background or non-transparent. We work with your file to achieve the most natural-looking using Adobe Photoshop. We help your product add texture and grow your business by increasing sales with the task of our expert hand.

Clipping Path Assist handle any project with care, and every day we can edit the 1000+ images. So, trust us and walk a path with us. We will become your trusted partner.

Because we know a real-looking image can increase your daily sell and you are always different from your competitor. We hope that our clients judge us by sending a FREE TRIAL. We provide the best service at an affordable price than any other company. So, let’s try us one time.

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    FAQ For Ghost Mannequin Service

    Do you offer a free trial?

    Sure! We do offer a free trial that includes up to three images. You can justify our ghost mannequin experts anytime with any of your pictures.

    Which file do you accept to do the ghost mannequin service?

    Generally, we accept all the major file formats like JPG, PNG, TIFF, PSD, and RAW files

    How do I get started?

    It’s simple to start with Clipping path assist. Just send your favorite photo to us and get the result within the shortest period

    Does any discount offer if I send bulk orders?

    Yes, you will get a special discount for bulk orders. Contact our customer service to know the details. We are ready to assist you

    What is the minimum price of a ghost mannequin task?

    Well! We offer 1.19 US dollars for a simple ghost mannequin project (Neck Joint). To remove the dummy, you need to pay the same, and for a 3D ghost mannequin, $1.49 US dollars

    What is the procedure of payment?

    We grant PayPal, VISA Card, Mastercard, western union, Bank Transfer, and Wire Transfer.

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