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Image Masking ServiceImage Masking Service
Image Masking ServiceImage Masking Service
Image Masking ServiceImage Masking Service
Image Masking ServiceImage Masking Service


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Image Masking Service

Photoshop Image masking service means removing background from an image where hair or fur has. A good example is that separating hair and fur from each image background can be done by clipping paths or using background erase tools. So advanced image masking service skills have a must.

By using a clipping path, we can work image masking service or along straight edges, and then we follow the advanced work of maintaining the fairy details. If you want to do your own, then you see many Photoshop techniques available. Many tools can help you do advanced image masking like background eraser tools, magic tools, color separation techniques, etc. can help you do the perfect image for your client for online business.

It’s important to remember that you want to sell your product on an e-commerce website or sell your product on a third-party website. Amazon, eBay, and other online websites, always recommended 100% ready and professional development, and you must follow the guideline of the images.

Who Needs Photo Masking Service?

Suppose you are a photographer and have an agency to sell your product, and you need to change the background of your image. If you need to change the background from your photo, you must walk on either the clipping way or the masking way, and if your product is hair or fur, we recommended advanced hair masking for your image.

Image masking allows s photographer to separate the image from its background and remove an object from the frame. It helps you to focus on digitalizing and increase your sales and become your clients happy. So, if you have digital print media, then be ready to use your image in marketplaces.

In the twenty-first century, people give the maximum priority to their post-production. It’s not obvious that with every click, the camera can deliver what you require. Sometimes there needs to be a little bit of editing to make change the product image.

Different Between Image Masking Service and Clipping Path Service

In photoshop service, both services are so much popular for removing the background. Getting white background products, masking, and clipping path services are so much important. Every photographer knows that white background images attract the customer quickly, and following the rules and techniques, photo masking service works well and gives you a natural-looking image.

The clipping path grabs the edge from the subject only, but the image masking service covers all subjects and removes the objects. On the other hand, for some fur images clipping path doesn’t work well, and this time photo masking service helps you well. This time the masking service can give you a detailed photo.

The difference between clipping path and image masking service is based on the type of edges of the subject. A clipping path service can provide you with the best photo with fewer details and fewer holes in the border like cars, mobiles, furniture, products, and so many fewer details. On the other hand, a photo masking service can give you a detailed effect for model photos or fur photos complicated for clipping path service.

Subjects with a soft edge can work well only with a photo masking service. Sometimes a photographer needs both of these services for photo editing. An expert Photoshop edit team can give you a soft edge image with a complicated subject.

Why Did I Need to Photoshop Masking Service?

 The reason why a person needs our photoshop service

The primary purpose of every person is to get the photograph prepared for their business. People use photo masking methods mainly for-

  • When subject contains complex edge, we use an image masking service to grab them. Besides trees, faces, or animals, it’s so hard to come up with a clipping path service. So, this time image masking service works well.
  • Many photos contain subjects with the same color pattern in the background. To separate the same part photo masking service is suitable. This method helps to come with a straightforward format and allows you to change the background color and add a new one.
  •  Sometimes many subjects come with a simple structure but have transparency. Because of this, the process has been done by clipping path service; along with clipping path service, photo masking service brings perfection and can keep the opacity ratio well.
  • Landscape photographs need some retouching. These photos need to perform photo editing techniques to adjust the color balance and remove objects.
  • Photo masking is not necessary sometimes. This time we perform this technique keep the isolated parts in a separate file for future use
  • Sometimes we need to please the clients, and some pictures need editing to acquire transparency. In this situation, a photo editing service is a mandatory technique. We preserve a separate layer as you can change it by your wanting format.
  • To bring a natural look to an image, you may need to add a shadow of the subjects. Besides this exact shape, size, transparent background, layer mask can help you bring a natural form and beautiful image.

Image Masking Service For The Professional Photographer

The photographer who photoshoot photos for social events, weddings, festivals, landscape views, etc., might have to get their photo edited. Sometimes unwanted objects have focus or lighting in the backend of images. This unwanted element may be affecting your online business. Image post-production services provide various types of photo editing services.

With the help of a photo masking service, you will remove any portion of images that need to mask for erasing or fixing.

E-commerce business owner

In recent times, an online platform has given so many criteria for uploading product images. In some cases, we make the mask for the product photo and replace it with white background. However, photo masking helps with product images. Photo masking service helps to preserve every detail of an image and make it ready for e-commerce posting.

Jewelry Companies

Jewelry retouching/masking service is one of the important tasks that we face daily. For a small ornament, sometimes there have complex designs. Fix the photo, this technique is so important, and it focuses more on the jewelry photo and clarity along with glaze.

 Image masking for fashion photography

Photo masking services are primarily used in fashion photography houses. Images of a model with fabrics need to enhance the beauty and editing to show the perfect scenario. Soft edges more shinning like muscle linings, hair, and cotton need to edit with the help of an expert graphics designer.

 Baby toy shop owner

Before advertising any product or post any online platform, you need to have an eye-catching look and attract kids. To give images shinny and colourful looking, you need to fix the edges of toys. Baby toys like dolls, robots, action figures, and many are most famous for any baby. Color composure improves this process to match the exact color format. Get the free trial now.

 When Need Image Masking Service

  • Allow the requirement for online marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, Etsy
  • When your image has a fuzzier edge
  • If your image is model or related hair
  • After masking your image it looks clear like glass or bottle.

 When Need Not Image Masking Service?

  • If your image edge is sharp, then we recommend clipping path for this image
  • If your image has no hair or is fuzzy
  • When your image background is the same color

We Provide the Best Image Masking Service

 1: Alpha Channel masking

It’s a better process for your image when we create alpha masking remove from the background of originals. At first, we isolate the photo from the background using a clipping path or background removal services.

And save it, then we process alpha masking, and at last, we adjust simply brightness or contrast. The most important thing is that you can get a good size image for your website.

2: Layer Masking

Layer masking is a method of image masking system which is called an art line around the image. Mainly layer masking is used to edit the fuzzy item. Layer masking trained us which is perfect for image and which is not. This system gives us a better solution for masking. Layer masking used the unwanted hair from any image’s edge. When anyone layer masking any photo, you can change it anytime you want when you need to edit

3: Hair Masking

When any model or fur comes to us, we recommend our client to advanced image masking because there is no way for this type of image to get a better idea without this. You can get only better results when you were masking this. We apply the advanced technique to bring better quality. Test to check our masking quality.

4: Refine Edge Masking

To use Photoshop advanced, refine edge masking, you can easily remove background from the furry edge. We apply to select or quick selection tools to refine edge masking to refine edge tools. After using, these tools, the hair is so soft and smooth. This is an excellent policy for masking your production image.

5: Color Masking

Mainly color masking is used in both Photoshop and lightroom. We use gradient and color adjustment tools for color masking. It’s an easy process in Photoshop to smooth your hair image. Free trails options are available for these advanced services.

6: Group masking

We offer you group masking or single masking to create new, fresh originals. If you have a group image or family photo album, then don’t worry about this; we are here to fix this. And if you search for a better solution for your group image masking and clipping path, then tension is ours. Just drop a free trial on our website and test our masking quality.

 7. Translucent masking

It’s used image masking to edit images of any variety of colors. People mainly used clipping paths to remove background from a photo, but translucent image masking helps you give better quality. This masking is paused like glass, jewelry effects.

8. Transparency masking

Transparency methods are different from any other masking. This masking is used only to change the background main to transparent things. The system direct deletes the object from the image background and makes it white. Transparency masking is a different idea in making knowledge.

 Why is CPA the Best Photo Masking Service Provider in Bangladesh?

Our expert trainee designer always knows what our client demands. We always try to work our client requirements and never forget this. We combine our quality, and we have experience in different parts of Photoshop, primarily background eraser tool, color separation, channel mask, clipping path, and so many. We never finished until the edge is sharp or smooth.

We have happy client says that CPA is a better solution for image masking and background removal services, and the service is better than any other company. Our designer also tries to serve the best image masking service. With more than 200+employees and two locations have skilled graphic designers. Our editor is always ready to help you with any support. Clipping path assist refers to your best quality for image masking service with the client’s satisfaction.

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    Clipping path service

    FAQ For Image Masking Service

    Is it possible to remove the background from the product with soft edges?

    Yes, it’s possible to remove background from the products such as a blanket, hair, fur, and the advanced image masking method. A simple clipping path technique will not suffice for these. Clipping path service is used only for those with no fur or hair

    Is image masking being a complex job?

    Image masking is alternative to creating a clipping path that is applied to remove furry objects. It is somewhat a little bit complex and requires experience to get the same quality.

    Which company provides a cheap solution for clipping paths & Background removal Services?

    There are a huge number of companies that provide the solution for clipping path and background removal service. Clipping path assist provides the cheapest service among them all. 


    You can find here the following services:








    What are the objects that require this service for removal from the background?

    Hair, blanket, fur, furry animal has soft edges. Therefore, remove the background from these elements require photoshop masking technique. On the other hand, transparent products such as water, glass, sunglass, spectacle, glass jar, wax paper, oil also require this technique to completely remove the background and make them natural.

    How can I be sure that you can do my project?

    If you want to be sure about our capacity and quality, you can send us a few samples. We can offer you a free trial. Based on the quality of our work and service, you are free to make your decision.

    Is my photo protected?

    100% protected and security syeste we follow. We always care about the privacy of our valuable clients. There is no scope for compromising in the matter of security. We never use your photos for any personal or commercial purposes. Please visit our privacy policy for more information.

    What is the minimum price of an image masking service?

    Our starting price for image masking service is $0.50 to $1.00 per image. Remind that image masking service depends on image complexity.

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