About Us

Clipping Path Assist (CPA) Is a professional photo editing and outsourcing graphics design company located in southwest Asia. With more than 150+skilled photo manipulation artists and professional retouchers, we work in 3 different shifts, 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Our goal is to meet the client’s requirements with our designing talent, and we have an extensive collection of adobe photoshop provided by adobe creative suite. Our service ranges from clipping to expert designing for attractive visual products gives you excellent photoshop service.

Clipping path assist has been provided all sorts of photo editing and post-processing service. We have a highly skilled team who can meet the specific requirements of our clients professionally. We are fully capable of providing all kinds of photo editing and image processing across the globe.

Our service offering includes Clipping path, cut out images, deep etching service, silo path, multipath, background removal service, unwanted object removal, photoshop image masking, photo touch up, retouching, drop shadow service, color variants service, ghost mannequin service, joint neck service, image manipulation service, e-shop image editing service, e-commerce image editing service, wedding photo retouching service, advertisement design, and all other creative design and image processing with product-related service and more.

Our History

Clipping path assist has a rich history and high enforcements at the seamless mix of the best technology to provide borderless service. With an international client base extend to all parts of the world. We have worked to prove the quality and dedication result in creativity.

Our vision

Though clipping path assists always use the latest technology, we continuously fight to develop ourselves as a new and creative standard image edit format and singing service. We work with a fully qualified, professional, and highly creative team to ensure better-quality service. Our vision is crystal clear to support the clients and meet the deadline.

Our Mission

Here we are, clipping path assist. We are working restlessly to fulfill our mission to providing you quality photo editing and graphics designing service clients based across the world.

Our values


We and all our team members are so polite in every working area. We maintain a balance between work and life. Our goal is to satisfied clients with the utmost respect while running on business and make it a success. We believe that client’s success is our success.

Honesty and integrity

We believe that honesty and integrity become a success in business and professional life.


We are always responsible in professional life. We believe that our professionalism may give you a better business and better sales on your online business.

Skills & Training

We have a professional team who are well trained from a healthy institute, and it is certified. We always emphasize them on training every week to develop themselves. So, don’t worry about our skills. Feel free to take a    free trial today.

Location Facility

Our production house is situated in Asia pacific state, one of the middle developing country Bangladesh, capital Dhaka. This country’s economy is less than any other developing country. Here living and food capacity is less than many developed countries. But our Govt and we always try to catch the development and success, we always try to recover the problem.

In a middle-economic country, we want to grow our IT sector, and we always try with our team to serve the best service. And we try to give the job that people survive their life and want to develop themselves. In Dhaka, we have two floors for the production house, and we have the capability to finished 4000+ images per day.

Office management

We create our every department strong and quality. We have the department of admin, Production, Marketing, Accounts, Monitoring, QC, invoice, etc. Our every department individually get the good service in every sector. Our facilities are-

1. Free treatment

2. Yearly Bonus

3. Holiday facilities

4. Tiffin allowance

5. Comfortable office space

6. Shifting duty

Our every stuff is spontaneously done their duty timely.


In our company, we use high technology standard hardware and registered version software. Our all technology is secure primarily, and your image has highly secured here. Our high-speed internet connection quickly downloads any big file within a moment. So, you have no query about our technology. To know about us feel free to contact us.

Best Hospitability

We always maintain the best hospitality for clients. Our organization and employee are mostly hospitable in every sector, and they are friendly. As a client, you will get from us

1.24/7 Support and service

2. Monthly or yearly meetings arrange

3. Free quote before ordering

4. Monthly/weekly payment methods

5.No payment until satisfied

6. Hassle-free ordering process

7. Comfortable payment getaway

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